1What is a Room Scape game?
Is a new leisure activity that consist in using your capacities and abilities in a group way, with the objective to work out the enigma before the time finish (60 min.)
2How can I book in Room Escape Sitges?
In the website there is a “Book” section. In this section you will find a calendar with the days and hours available (In red the days that are not available, and in green the available days). To make the reservation you will have to complete the personal information form.
3Can I change my booking date?
Yes, you can send an email with your personal booking number and the day and hour of the new reservation. We will change your date as long as you notify us at least 3 days before your reservation day.
4Is an activity appropriate for companies or work-team?
Yes, it is an ideal activity for companies. This kind of activities require work team and foment the group dynamics and the capacities to solve problems. It is for that reason that it is ideal to promote the teambuilding.
5How much it cost to play in Room Escape Sitges?
It cost 60€ for all the group (between 2 and 6 persons). From 6 people is 15€ for person added.
6Which is the minimum age to play?
The activity is for people older than 16 years old. People younger than 18 years old should be accompanied by an adult.
7Is necessary to be in a good physical condition to play?
Not, is not necessary to be in a good physical condition to play in Room Scape Sitges. You have to test your ingenuity, your deduction and observation capacity
8Can I use things that I brought from home?
No, you can not use phones or other things if it is not inside the room.
9Can I play if I arrive late?
You have a margin of 15 min. After that time you will not be able to play, and we will not give back the money.
10What happened if one of the group leave from the game?
Anyone can leave the play when they want. To be “locked” is a symbolic concept. Obviously, anyone can leave from the room when they want.
11If the group is being block and it cannot scape?
The game is designed for all kind of teams, the clues is part of the game. We adjust to all kind of groups